Friday, January 25, 2013

Love Shayari

Dil Ke Sagar Me Lehre Uthaya Na Karo,
Khwab Bankar Neend Churaya Na Karo,
Bahot Chot Lagti Hai Mere Dil Ko,
Tum Khwabo Mein Aa Kar Yu Tadpaya Na Karo….

Pyaar Karne Ka Hunar Hamein Nahi Aata,
Isliye Pyaar Ki Baazi Hum Haar Gaye,
Hamari Zindagi Se UnHe Bahot Pyaar Tha,
Shayad Isiliye Wo Hamein Zind hI Maar Gaye…

Door Nigahon Se Baar Baar Jaaya Na Karo,
Dil Ko Is Kadar Tadpaya Na Karo,
Tum Bin Ek Pal Bhi Jee Nahi Sakenge Hum,
Ye Ehsaas Baar Baar Dilaya Na Karo…

Duniya Jise Neend Kehti Hai ,
Na Jaane Wo Kya Cheez Hoti Hai,
Aankheon To Hum Bhi Band Karte Hain,
Par Wo To Unse Milne Ki Tarkeeb Hoti Hai,
Hum Neend Ke Shouqin Jyada To Nahi,
Lekin Kuch Khwab Na Dekhe To Guzara Nahi Hota…

Hum Agar Aapse Mil Nahi Paate
Aisa Nahi Hai Ki Aap Hamein Yaad Nahi Aate
Maana Jahan Ke Sab Rishte Nibhaye Nahi Jaate
Lekin Jo Dil Me Bas Jaate Hain Unhe Bhulaya Nahi Jaata…

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love Shayari

Ishq tujhse karta hoon
main zindagi se zyada
Main darta nahi maut se
teri judaii se zyada
Chahe to aazmale mujhe
kisi aur se zyada
Meri zindagi me kuch nahi
teri mohabbat se zyada…
Band Rakhte Hai Jubaan Lub Khola Nhi Karte
Chand Ke Samne Sitare Bola Nhi Karte
Yaad Karte Hai Tumko Har Pal Lekin
Ye Raaz Hotho Se Kabhi Khola Nahi Karte…
Dil ki baat jubaan pe aane ki hai baari
Pyar ki manzil dhoondti hai apni ye sawari
Dil ko dil se milane ki hai taiiyari
Aur in lamho ki khushboo mein doobi hai duniya saari…
Ye Aur Baat Hai Hum Tumko Yaad Aa Na Sake
Sharab Pi Ke Bhi Hum Tumko Bhula Na Sake
Ye Fasalo Ki Hai Basti Isi Liye Yaaron
Wo Paas Aa Na Sake Hum Bhi Paas Ja Na Sake
Suku Diya Hai Zamane Ko Mere Nagmo Ne
Azeeb Baat Hai Khud Ko Hi Hum Hassa Na Sake…

Pots by Love Guru (Rajesh singh),,,,,,,,,,,,,

Love Shayari

Mujse mat pooch ki kyun nazrein jhuka li maine,
teri tasveer thi jo tujhse chupa li maine,
jis pe likha tha ki tu mere muqaddar mein nahi,
apne maathe ki woh tehreer mita li meine,
har janm sabko yahaan sachha pyaar kahaan milta hai,

teri chaahat mein to umr bita li meine,
mujhko jaane kahaan ehsaas mere le jaayein,
waqt ke haathon se ek nazm utha li meine,

ghere rehti hai mujhe ek anokhi khushbu,
teri yaadon se har ek saans saja li meine,
jiske sheron ko woh sunke bahut roya tha,
bas wohi ek ghazal sabse chupa li meine….


Dil de diya ye pyar ki had thi.
Jaan de diya ye aitbaar ki had thi.
Mar gayi phir bhi khula rakhi thi aankhe.
Ye tumhari {Neha} intejar ki had thi.
I love u neha,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Dil ki Halat batana nahi aata …
Kisi ko aisey Tarpana nahi aata ….
Sunna chahte hain ek baar Aawaz aap ki …
Magar baat karne ka Bahana nahi aata !!

Unhein Piyar karna nahi aata ….
Aur Hamein Piyar ke siwa kuch nahi aata ….
Jeene k sirf ye Do hi raste hain ….
Ek unhe nahi aata ek Hamein nahi aata !!

Pots by Love Guru ,,,,,,,,,,,(Rajesh Singh)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Lovers

Rajesh singh the Love Guru

In some traditions, the Lovers represent relationships and choices. Its appearance in a spread indicates some decision about an existing relationship, a temptation of the heart, or a choice of potential partners. Often an aspect of the Querent's life will have to be sacrificed; a bachelor(ette)'s lifestyle may be sacrificed and a relationship gained (or vice versa), or one potential partner may be chosen while another is turned down. Whatever the choice, it should not be made lightly, as the ramifications will be lasting.

The Lovers is associated with the star sign Gemini, and indeed is also known as The Twins in some decks. Other associations are with Air, Mercury, and the Hebrew letter
A. E. Waite was a key figure in the development of modern Tarot interpretations. (Wood, 1998) However not all interpretations follow his theology. Please remember that all Tarot decks used for divination are interpreted up to personal experience and standards.
From Suite101: Tarot Card Symbolism – The Lovers of the Major Arcana: "The Lovers are the image of the first true challenge of the Fool’s life — a choice in love. This does not only mean a choice between two women, or two men. It also is a reflection of chosen values, of the decision the Fool must make, which will define him as a person. The Fool is not yet fully mature, and so has difficulty separating his physical desires from what is right.
The consequences of the choice he must make are far-reaching, affecting every part of his life. This choice is thrust upon him before he is ready, as are many choices in life, and so a mistake may be inevitable. This situation cannot be avoided, and a choice must be made; abstaining from this choice is not an option.
The Fool, not yet ready for this, does not fully understand that all choices — good and bad — carry consequences. This is an important lesson for the Fool, for he must realize that all things have a cost associated with them

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Internet Love

With increasing regularity, ILS Romance Scam victims are asked to share their stories with outside interests. These requests come from various forms of 'news' media, such as tabloid press, on-line news sites or documentary makers. Others come from freelance writers.

Unless one has been a victim of this dehumanizing and demoralizing crime, it would be next to impossible to appreciate the fear such interviews would evoke. There have been victims who have taken years before coming here and telling their story with excruciating discomfort but with assured and full anonymity. We beg your indulgence.

Rajesh singh the Love Guru

Internet-Love-Scams.ORG is a website for victims absolutely, and the protection of our members is paramount. Though their motives may be above reproach, news agencies are discouraged from posting "public forum" messages that could potentially expose our membership to any public or private scrutiny. Victims are often desperate, hurt, embarrassed, and still extremely vulnerable. They are here to heal quietly, peacefully and safely.

We strongly suggest that media representatives seek other sources of information for journalism purposes as ILS continues its resolve to be a safe haven from these and other kinds of intrusions. We can appreciate that telling the story of romance victimization is a critical one toward public enlightenment. Involvement of our general membership in this interest, however, is beyond the scope of our mission. All due respect is expected in this regard.

Should a media group wish to interview a site staff member for information regarding Romance Scams, please request such via the "Contact Us" form only.

Thank you.

Rajesh singh the Love Guru

We created this website in order to make the internet world aware of people posing as lonely hearts in internet chatrooms and on dating websites.

The internet is awash with men posing as women and then taking large amounts of money from unwary men who fall for them, the same is also true of women. Many of the scammers originate from West Africa, most notably Nigeria, which is also notorious for the 419 scams littering the internet.

Please feel free to browse the site and forum; some areas of the forum can be viewed by guests, but others will require you to register a user account - this is free and it only takes about 30 seconds to register.

By posting your story on this site, you help other new people visiting for the first time to perhaps recognize that they are being scammed and not just falling in love with someone who has the world's worst luck - such as being stuck in a country with no money and having no check or money order cashing availability, and wondering if you can help them out.

Or sending them goods, that they cannot get them there as they are "working" in a different country.

Or perhaps a sick child that is with them.

The scammers will use any excuse to pull on your heart strings for only one reason; to get you to send them money.

These are the worst of all the scammers out there.

Not only do they empty your wallet, they also abuse your trust and break your heart.

They will use any means to part you from your hard earned cash. A "normal" person wanting YOU, not what you can give them would not be asking you for money or goods. If they do, you are being scammed.

Welcome to the site; the moderators and admins of this site are here to help you - please don't hesitate to ask us for help in navigating the forum.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What is Love?

Rajesh singh the Love Guru

Psychologist Zick Rubin proposed that romantic love is made up of three elements: attachment, caring, and intimacy. Attachment is the need to receive care, approval, and physical contact with the other person. Caring involves valuing the other persons needs and happiness as much as your own. Intimacy refers to the sharing of thoughts, desires, and feelings with the other person.

In easy terms love includes talking, spending time together, faithfulness, being friends, looking together in the same directions.

"Love is the flower of life, and blossoms unexpectedly and without law, and must be plucked where it is found, and enjoyed for the brief hour of its duration.

 Meaning of Love

In broad terms "Love means sacrifice". In simple terms "Love means feeling, infatuation, attraction, care, being together, it may be single sided, it may be two sided, between the humans".

What you will find on Love Suggestions

Love Suggestions is a broad term of understanding the human psychology about the love. But as a platform where you will found  - success love stories, sad love stories, romantic love poems, sample love letters, personal definitions of love, love articles, romantic love sms, love problem sharing, relationship problem sharing, solutions to relationship problems, solutions to love problems, valentine special moments, psychology of  love, love articles.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rajesh Signh is a love guru!

Rajesh singh the Love Guru

Pravesh Rana may claim that he is single and not ready to mingle at the moment, as work keeps him busy, but at a recent event in the city, he announced himself a love guru for couples who will be participating in a reality show based on relationships.

She is  my girl friend  don't like hear   

"I will be playing the role of a catalyst. I will guide them and listen to their problems," Pravesh told us. He will watch couples – who are struggling with a strained relationship – being locked up in a mock jail for 6 days, and give them one last chance to reconcile their relationship before they call it off. The couples will also be helped by a counselor and a psychiatrist. Meanwhile, as we were curious at the sight of female guards at the do, Nikhil Gandhi explained, "These guards will arrest all those couples who fight and lock them up in the mock jail, until they clear their differences."

For The Love Of Blogs: Winners

For The Love Of Blogs: Winners: "congrats to #14 heather from some kind of wonderful for winning---and thank you Garden of Eden for such a beautiful necklace:) congra..."

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Internet Love Stories

A Hungarian and an Irish….

I was in love, truly, deeply in love….with my ex-boyfriend over 2 years ago…We broke up as it usually happens when you are 18. It was an ugly ending I still loved him..Could not have stayed in Hungary any longer, needed a change.

I quit my job and said goodbye to my family, came to Ireland to start my life all over again. I missed him, I missed him a lot but I have always been a strong women so I knew I cannot give up. I settled down in the heart of Dublin, got an okay job, got friends. Had my life just like before him..Never thought I would fall in love with somebody again (at least not any soon). Once I was spending time on my Facebook. I saw this advertisement about that website called ‘Love struck’, I just said to myself why wouldn’t I try it out??? I registered..never did anything like that before as I never believed in the way like that to find your true love. Of course the website like that started to ask me lots of question, I had to set up a proper profile and I just got so fed up and left in the middle of it.

Few days later I received an email from ‘Love struck’ which said that I should definitely go back and complete my profile as I might lose the chance to meet somebody and that my biological clock is clicking. I was so pissed, my biological clock???? I was 21…so I just went back and finish up my site. Never cared about it after that. I really don’t know how long I didn’t check my page there, I started to go out with the guy (which was the biggest disappointment in my life)…

Once I just thought what not I’ll go and have a look…Found a few guys, left a few message to them. Also found a guy who had written on his profile that he is looking for a beautiful, smart, funny, intelligent but serious girl (which was certainly everything), I remember thinking he must be a funny guy, reading his profile a bit further he just said “if you like what you read send me one email or two or three”…that was a sentence made me write him a message. Although that time I hadn’t had any profile picture and good English he answered me back…I didn’t know what was going on in his mind but we started to talk. We used to change emails two-three times a day, it was like we have been together years and now we are just spending some time apart. We talked about everything, we knew each other more then anybody else. The time went on and we decided it to meet up. Didn’t work. I really don’t know how people do this but after two months talking when I met him I couldn’t introduce myself or anything like that. It was weird and awkward. We didn’t kiss and then I left. On the way home I thought this has been an awful date we will never see each other again. I was disappointed but I didn’t regret any moment we spent by emailing each other. When I got home I had an email waiting for me. An explanation about why he acted so weird and what he really feels about me. We agreed about an other date, next day beside the see. I had not too much hope to be honest that anything can go better, but it did. We had a wonderful time together. We didn’t kiss but it was still the best day.

Days were passed, we had dated for a while until I got extremely drunk and started to send him text messages about what and how I want to do with him. Next day I was terrified that I lost him but no I didn’t. It just made him realize how much he wants the same thing and how much he wants me to be his girlfriend. I spent the night with him, that was the first night we spent together….

A few months later he went to America, it was a business trip. Not too long but enough to makes us finally realize we are in love. When he came home it was the first time we said, we love each other…

It has all been over a year. We are living together now and have an adorable little dog as well. We have arguments of course, and fights several times but I know that I can’t be happier than that.

My life has been totally changed. I left my country, my family, my friends but I found my new home, my new family…

Since I know he is my better half, I cannot imagine my life without him the only thing I can’t wait for is to be his wife and make him happier then ever.

Thank you ‘Love Struck”